I Am The Colour Of Beautiful
"I am black but lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem, Like the tents of Kedar, Like the curtains of Solomon".
We are shifting the paradigm of what it means to be "dark" skinned. Dark skinned means Sun kissed beauty, melanin poppin' beauty, dark and lovely beauty, chocolate beauty. Strong, powerful, rocking black girl magic defines us. We go deep, we go proud, we will not be left behind. Dark girl rising!!! Join the movement. The I AM THE COLOUR OF BEAUTIFUL™ Spoken Word Initiative is a global action focusing on deliverance from the stigma of colorism in communities of color across the globe​​​​​​​

All women of color are beautiful in all of our colors and hues. Dark skinned girls also need to know and be free to say "I AM THE COLOUR OF BEAUTIFUL™".

We will empower women and girls to explore the issue "who taught you to hate the color of your skin", write about the experience and deliver a spoken word piece of deliverance. We have named this particular form of Spoken Word SpokNce. (I spoke my deliverance).

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