Urban Poetik Ministries Tackles Colorism through Global Spoken Word Initiative

PHILADELPHIA, PA (January 6, 2019) - Philadelphia non-profit, Urban Poetik Ministries has launched a Global Spoken Word Initiative to tackle the issue of colorism among women of color.

Colorism has its genesis in the days of slavery when white slave owners allowed only the lighter skinned slaves to work in the plantation houses and the darker skinned slaves to work out in the fields where they were subjected to harsh conditions. Despite the progress made by black people in American history, the issue of colorism is still pervasive.  In fact, research has shown that the hue of one’s skin has a psychological impact on the self-esteem of many African Americans.  

Urban Poetik Ministries is on a mission to liberate darker skinned women from this psyche by enabling them to write and perform their experiences through the spoken word.  The spoken word workshops focus on delivering women from the stigma of colorism in communities of color across the globe.  The objective is to bring healing to the hurt and pain of rejection, separation and exclusion. Participants will explore the issue of ‘who taught you to hate the color of your skin’ then write about the experience and deliver a spoken word of deliverance dubbed SpokNce (I Spoke My Deliverance). The workshop culminates with the I AM THE COLOUR of BEAUTIFUL™ production which also includes a colourism talkback session.

Poet, Performer, Producer, Speaker and Women’s Empowerment Coach, Karen Moore, is the Founder of Urban Poetik Ministries and the creator of this Global Spoken Word Initiative. Questioned about the impetus for launching this initiative, Moore explained: I want women of color, particularly dark skinned women of color, to recognize and celebrate the beauty of their dark skin.  I believe that there is power in the spoken word. Providing a safe atmosphere for women to reflect on 'who taught you to hate the color of your skin' and write about that experience, opens up space for deliverance from colorism. It is my expectation that every woman will walk away from the I AM THE COLOUR OF BEAUTIFUL™ workshop shouting those words to the world.”

To raise further awareness and to help bring women of color into self-acceptance, Urban Poetic Ministries offers a t-shirt catalogue featuring affordably priced unisex tees, sweatshirts and mugs emblazoned with the “I AM THE COLOUR OF BEAUTIFUL™” text. 

For further information about the I Am The Colour Of Beautiful Global Spoken Word initiative, visit: To browse the T-shirt catalogue visit:

Media contact: Karen Moore

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